constructions and rehabilitations

RANKO 2000 S.L. Construcciones y rehabilitaciones

We were born as a small company and have vocation to follow being a small big company, whenever small was for the capacity of vicinity and service of quality to our customers and big in the development of our activities and projects.

Construcciones y Rehabilitaciones RANKO is a company with wide experience accredited, devoted to the building, rehabilitation and reform in civil work, buildings and industrial installations.

The Management of Quality is for us a fundamental element, with a rigorous agreement with our suppliers and considering the security of our employees, paramount aspect to increase the productivity and the competitiveness.

To end to offer a total security to the customer, Construcciones y Rehabilitaciones RANKO has of the timely insurances and flat of prevention of risks.

We offer an individualized treatment

Our best presentation are the customers that along these last years have trusted the company and in our commitment to decrease the environmental impact and thus promote sustainability, as a key element of our actions.

We have an effective Technical Department to facilitate and speed up any type of management or procedure with the different public administrations.

We offer an individualized treatment with the assignment of a personal technician, who will be fully available and will inform promptly of the follow-up of the works done.

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